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CrushAAL Superb
CrushAAL Standard
CrushAAL Standardplus

CrushAAL Standardplus
Technical Specifications :


Inlet Diameter [mm] 89 mm
Mounting S.S. Sink mounting
Outlet Diameter [mm] 32mm
Electrical Details
230V AC/1 Phase
2880 rpm 360 Watts 2.1 Amp
Electrical Point with Earthing 5 ampere
Total Height [mm] 375
Crushaal USAGE Home Kitchen
Rating / Usage 18 minutes
Shipping Weight 12 kgs
Crushing Capacity Upto 12 Kgs

CrushAAL Standardplus comes with Warranty period of 500 days for any manufacturing defects

Self-service release key :

An unusual noise while crushaal is operating may mean a foreign object has fallen in it by mistake/accident. Turn off crushaal immediately and retrieve the object. Self-service release key is provided to clear the jam in the grinding chamber with the twist of your wrist. You have to rotate the release key either clockwise or anticloskwise direction to free the rotating cutter. See that it revolves freely for couple of rotations either clockwise or anticlockwise dierection.

Please insert the Self Service Release Key into CrushAAL from the top throat opening only after you OFF the Electrical Switch. After clearing he Jam inside the grinding chamber with the help of the Self Service Release Key, you can then remove the unwanted fallen object from the grinding chamber.

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