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CrushAAL 2100 89mm
CrushAAL 2100 120mm
CrushAAL 3000 89mm
CrushAAL 3000 120mm
CrushAAL 6000 150mm
CrushAAL 6000 165mm
CrushAAL 9000 210mm

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Control Unit for CrushAAL Commercial models

Commercial Food Waste Disposer :

Our CrushAAL Commercial Food Waste Disposer is made using solid caste hardened Stainless Steel Axial and comes with multi grind cutters having permanent life. It is equipped with energy efficient and most powerful A.C. Induction electric motor and has a robust exterior casted body for longer life span.
Advantages :
It is a monster for all types of commercial/institutional kitchens. It literally rips food waste to shreds and allows it to flow down the drain.
It helps in separating waste from recycling more volume and more types of food waste while making 60% less noise than standard disposers
It reduces the number of trips to the bin, the amount of liquid in bin & the chance of smells building up in bins and the amount of rubbish from an average home by a quarter.
It reduces foul odors in the kitchen & it reduces infect and rodent infestation Read more...
CrushAAL for Green Energy- Bio Gas Plants:

If desired then you can utilize the food waste (crushed) to generate Biogas & Rich natural Manure.

CrushAAL Commercial models are most suitable for its use in medium scale Biogas Plants and large scale Biogas Plants based on food waste.

CrushAAL commercial models are most suitable for its use in medium scale Biogas Plants and large scale Biogas plants based on Cow Dung / Animal Dung. CrushAAL assists in uniform mixing of animal dung with water to achieve the best yield of Biogas produced. So CrushAAL happens to be a big tool in encouraging 'Green Environment' and 'Organic Farming'.

Self-service release key :

An unusual noise while crushaal is operating may mean a foreign object has fallen in it by mistake/accident. Turn off crushaal immediately and retrieve the object. Self-service release key is provided to clear the jam in the grinding chamber with the twist of your wrist. You have to rotate the release key either clockwise or anticloskwise direction to free the rotating cutter. See that it revolves freely for couple of rotations either clockwise or anticlockwise dierection.

Please insert the Self Service Release Key into CrushAAL from the top throat opening only after you OFF the Electrical Switch. After clearing he Jam inside the grinding chamber with the help of the Self Service Release Key, you can then remove the unwanted fallen object from the grinding chamber.

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