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CrushAAL Superb

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Control Unit for CrushAALDomestic Superb model

Control Unit for CrushAAL Domestic model
Technical Specifications :



It is a wall mounting panel having electronic control card that has been designed for monitoring and controlling cyclic operation of crusher.

Control panel mainly consists of

  1. Electronic control unit and its accessories
  2. MCB at the input
  3. Contactor of proper rating
  4. Sturdy input, output connectors
  5. Buzzer

Electronic control unit:

The unit monitors cyclic operation of the crusher in addition to providing over current safety to the three-phase motor of the crusher. It also has a built in, field settable timers those have been provided to define ON cycle time and OFF cycle time of the crusher.

The unit has

  1. Three digit seven segment LED display
  2. Control switch
  3. Cycle start/stop push button
  4. LEDs to indicate status of the panel
  5. Keys for programming

Operation of the unit:

The unit is powered up by the control switch provided on the panel. After power on, ‘OFF” is displayed on the display. The crusher is not turned on unless cycle start/stop push button is pressed. As soon as the cycle start/stop is pressed, the unit turns on the contactor in the panel. This connects crusher motor to the supply. During operation of the crusher, the unit monitors current drawn by the motor and cycle time. It also displays them alternately. A ‘Cycle On' LED glows as long as crusher cycle is in incomplete state. At the end of the cycle, supply to the crusher is removed and the unit waits for programmed OFF time. At the end of OFF time the on cycle starts again automatically and these cycles continue. This auto operation of on and off cycles is optimized for one hour and at the end of one hour (After completing the pre defined cycles) crusher remains in off state and starts only when manual start push button is pressed again.

During operation of the crusher if the motor draws more current than recommended then initially ‘Over Load' LED glows and buzzer also comes on. If this condition persists for more than 15 seconds then supply to the crusher is disconnected by turning off the contactor and ‘OL' is displayed.

Before completion of the cycle, if cycle start/stop is pressed then the supply to the motor is cut off and the cycle time is terminated. Pressing of cycle start/stop push button, commences a new cycle.

There are three keys provided on the front of the panel to set over current limit and crusher ON time. Crusher ON time has to be set prior to the beginning of new cycle. If this time is set during the operation of the crusher then this time is taken for next cycle.


  1. Wall mounting
  2. Compact in size
  3. MCB for short circuit protection
  4. Electronic over current protection
  5. Field settable over current limit and cycle time
  6. Display of current and cycle time
  7. User friendly
  8. Easy connectivity
  9. Separate connectors for input and output connections
  10. Protection against single phasing

Physical dimensions of control panel in mm: 215 x 270 x 90 (W x H x D)

Monitoring pre set values:

Over Current, Cycle On Time and Cycle Off Time are field settable and the set values can be monitored using different keys provided on Front Facia. Given below is procedure for monitoring set values.

  1. Press PGM/EXIT key. In response to this key closure, “KEY ACK LED” glows after some time. Glowing of LED indicates that the controller has recognized closure of key. Once the LED glows, you can release pressed key. Over Current setting will be displayed.
  2. With the help of UP and DOWN keys you can go through the other set values.
  3. In order to exit from this mode press PGM/EXIT key again.

 Procedure for entering program mode:

In order to change the pre set values at site, you have to get into program mode. Unless it is absolutely must, do not change the pre-set values at site.

 In order to enter programming mode

Press PGM/EXIT key. In response to the key closure, “KEY ACK LED” will glow.
Keep the key pressed until the LED goes off.
In this mode, “UP” key helps you to increment the value, while “DOWN” key helps you to decrement the value.

First parameter displayed is OVER CURRENT setting (CURRENT LED will glow). Pressing of PGM key will take you to second parameter i.e. Cycle ON Time (CYCLE ON TIME LED will glow). Press PGM key to set next parameter i.e. Cycle Off Time (CYCLE OFF TIME LED will glow).

Over Current value can be set from 2A to 13A.
Cycle On Time and Cycle Off Time can be set from 3 to 30 minutes.

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